What banking tasks can be performed over the phone?

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More and more of our daily tasks are now being performed remotely, whether online or over the phone. Banking is no exception, and while you may want to visit your local branch every now and then, there is a level of ease and convenience to conducting your affairs over the telephone that can’t be matched by in-person service.

Whether you want to make a transfer, update your details or simply have a query relating to your account, you’re likely to find a friendly, helpful assistant on the end of your bank’s call handling service line. Let’s break down some of the tasks they can perform over the phone for you.

Managing your payments

Gone are the days of rushing to the bank on a weekend to make your all-important transfers and transactions before they close up early for the day. Now, you can manage all of your payments over the phone, by speaking to an adviser during daytime hours, or by using your bank’s 24/7 automated service.

In order for your bank to make payments on your behalf over the phone, you’ll need to supply some personal details relating to your account, as well as the required information about the person or institution that you’re paying. This works to protect you from fraud, and allows your bank to process your transactions with ease.

Making changes to your account

Perhaps your name or title has changed, or you’ve moved residence. Or, maybe you simply want to start receiving your bank statements in emails, rather than paper copies. Whatever change you want to make to your bank account, it’s easy to do so over the phone.

It’s also possible to make changes to your level of financial support, such as arranging an overdraft or increasing your credit limit. Your bank’s telephone advisors will be well equipped to provide you with any information you may need about the options available to you, as well as completing any screening checks should you decide you want to apply for an extra service or benefit.

Requesting information

If you’ve got a burning question about your account, there’s no need to wait until the next time you head into your local branch to get the information that you need, as your bank’s telephone assistants are properly trained to handle all questions and queries relating to their services. Besides, if there’s no drastic changes to be made to your account, accessing general support and guidance should feel easy, and you should never have to go too far out of your way to get the information that you need – even a simple search on your bank’s website is likely to produce helpful results.

Whether you choose to call up your bank to request information, make payments, or perform other actions relating to your account, the process will be easy. Not only can your bank conduct a range of activities with your permission on your behalf, you’ll also find that banking from home makes for a much more leisurely and convenient way to conduct your financial affairs.