Three reasons to consider doing a finance degree as a mature student

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Embarking on a degree as a mature student can be daunting. Many mature students have pressing responsibilities to juggle alongside their studies, such as a job and a family to support. It’s important to choose a degree that can fit in well alongside these responsibilities and provide a good return on investment when it comes to job opportunities after graduation. Here are three reasons why a finance degree is a great choice for this demographic.

1. Financial knowledge has real-world applications

Being financially literate is essential for building financial security. The knowledge you develop throughout your finance degree will help you make smart financial decisions for the rest of your life. Finance degrees cover economics and the management of money by both companies and individuals. When you have a good understanding of these concepts, you can manage your personal finances more effectively.

Throughout your studies you’ll become better at budgeting, saving and investing money, and you’ll feel empowered to make long-term financial plans to prepare for a more comfortable future. Your knowledge could even help you set up your own business if you aspire to be your own boss. You’ll also be more switched on to the ever-changing landscape of the world’s economics and capable of making educated decisions about your money in response to financial news.

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2. You’ll qualify for some of the world’s best graduate schemes

There are lots of excellent graduate schemes available for those with a finance degree, some of which are run by leading financial institutions. Grad schemes can allow you to either focus on a specialism to advance your expertise, or gain experience in a series of departments within an institution. The latter is ideal if you haven’t yet decided which area of finance you want to work in.

You might have the opportunity to secure a permanent position with your employer at the end of a graduate scheme. If not, you’ll have extensive work experience, great references, and a wider network of professional contacts to help you secure a permanent position elsewhere.

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3. There are lots of job opportunities for finance graduates

According to recent statistics, 60.6% of finance and accountancy graduates find full-time employment within six months of completing their degree.

Job prospects for finance graduates are excellent because there’s always high demand for people with finance skills in the business world. There are many opportunities in the world of banking, or you could go into insurance, pensions, or taxation.

Finance graduates find roles in a variety of organisations, from large private corporations to small nonprofits. The data analysis and risk assessment skills you develop with a finance degree could also be applied to many non-financial business roles.

Secure your future with a finance degree

Finance degrees are a smart choice for mature students because they offer excellent job prospects and valuable financial knowledge. If you want to look forward to a bright future, consider studying finance at university.