The Economic Sunset of the Bush Tax Cuts

Bush Tax Cut

The Bush Tax Cuts sunset was one of the biggest political stories. There were many debates about how to resolve the current impasse between President Obama and House Republicans.

The main argument between the two sides boils down to one word: economics. Democrats want to preserve these tax cuts while the House Republicans want to cut them. There are many who want to preserve these tax cuts, especially during an election year. At a news conference today, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), said there are many Democrats ready to keep this fight until after the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy are fully phased out.

There is no doubt that both sides want to avoid the economic crisis, and so the main political battle will likely come down to who gets credit. The Democrats have been playing the blame game in hopes that they will get more votes and then blame the Republicans.

If the Democrats get more blame, they can use the problem as a way to get a job done on the American people. This will not bode well with the American people, as we are now suffering through a recession and the economy needs to be helped along.

The economic crisis is due to the fact that the Federal Reserve has created too much money and is holding it back in the market. This has caused a lack of spending in the economy, which is causing the economy to falter. As we mentioned previously, the tax cuts were meant to help the economy, but it seems that the Democrats have put all of their efforts on the wrong side. Instead of working to bring more jobs to the country, they want to continue with their attacks on the Bush Tax Cuts.

It is time for the Democrats to sit down with the Republicans and sort out the differences between the two parties on economic issues. Once the issues have been resolved, both sides can get on with creating jobs in the economy. This could only benefit the American people.

We must all remember that it is not worth it to continue to hate, as these two parties are in competition, and if they want to remain in office, they need to work together to solve the problems of the nation. Otherwise, we will have to watch what happens to our economy, or we will lose our jobs.

The economy is not at its best and the only way to put things right is to have a very good job created. If the Democrats want to give us another term, they must stop attacking the Bush Tax Cuts and get to work creating jobs in this country. If we do not create enough jobs, then we will continue to suffer and our unemployment rate will increase.

If the Democrats really want to help the economy, they must get behind this idea of cutting the Bush Tax Cuts in order to help it start growing again. and create more jobs. They need to take a long hard look at how they are acting, because there is a very good chance that they will lose control of the House in the upcoming elections, if they continue to fight over this issue.

The only way that this will be averted is if we can get a good job created before the elections begin. Once the economic crisis is over, we need to do whatever it takes to start hiring again. We cannot continue to allow a crisis to continue to affect our lives.

The economy will get a lot better if the Democrats are able to find a common ground with the Republicans and do something to get things back on track. When we get that job going, the economy will return to normal. If the Democrats are not willing to work together to make this happen, then the election will be decided right away.

Please consider all this in 2020. Consider all possibilities before voting for either candidate in an upcoming election.