Is The Motley Fool a Solid Investment Newsletter?

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Many newsletters can aid you with reliable data for market analysis. These newsletters may also recommend viable investments to consider. They simplify the work for you by allowing you to make informed decisions.

For the stock exchange traders, they need the best stock newsletters to beat the index funds. Therefore, this makes them seek the best newsletters to gain an advantage in the market. Consequently, they have to go through some of the recommended newsletters to establish the best one.

Is the Motley Fool a Top Investment Newsletter?

The Motley fool stock advisor newsletter can guide in decision-making. The newsletters gained recognition by publishing a variety of stock exchange newsletters. Who runs the Motley Fool? Tom Gardner is the founder, and he runs the motley fool newsletter publication. His brother, David, who runs the motley fool rule breakers advisory, is also a co-founder.

What is It is a website of an award-winning newsletter publication that provides stock advice. By visiting their website, their content gives you a clear picture of “what is” However, it has also suffered significant losses compared to S&P 500 stock index tracking. Their analysis accuracy has raised concerns about the ratings of the Newsletter.

The Motley Fool Rule Breaker

This publication has been performing well lately due high volatility rates of stocks. The performance of the small caps growth stock has partly improved their picks.

However, the volatility rate has contributed to some of the big losses in the stock market. Less than 40% of rule-breakers selections could beat the stock market index tracking of the S&P 500. The S&P 500 company remains one of their best competitors of the Motley fool stock advisor.

The Motley fool Newsletter is not the best option to consider. It lacks consistency in its small-cap market predictions. Compared to the other stock tracking companies, it’s riskier to opt for the motley fool. The main reason is that the chances of losing are higher when you invest with them.

The Market Pass

This Newsletter was first published in April 2018. It combines several actors of the stock market. They include:

  • Selections and picks from stock advisors
  • Rule breakers
  • Editors of the Inside value and Hidden gems newsletters

They offer a broader outlook of the stock exchange market in a single publication. The Motley primarily deals in explaining the growth and values of the stocks.

In comparison to their main competitors, S&P 500, they have not yet achieved their desired results. Their predictions and analysis have not been the best as expected.

The Newsletter charges a $750 annual subscription with a 50% discount. Future predictions of the Newsletter guide experts on the value of the Market pass.

Some Discontinued Motley Fools Newsletters

The Motley Fool company has decided to stop publishing some of its newsletters. The decision comes after noticing that some newsletters were not performing their best. They have proven as liabilities and cannot recover. Their decision is mainly to save the cost of the production of the newsletters.

The discontinued publications were the “inside value” and the “hidden gems.” The market pass was then introduced.

Their million-dollar portfolio newsletter was also facing some issues. Therefore, it led to the reset of the Newsletter. The reset took place in 2015 to improve their product performance. They later replaced it with the supernova two publication, which came to the scene back in 2012.

The Supernova 2 has also not been the best since its introduction. Waiting for the newsletters to establish a good track record will help save you from losses.

Their Main Products

The Motley company mainly targets six-figure stock traders. Their subscriptions need high rates to acquire. They include:

  • SuperNova
  • Pro
  • Everlasting

For these packages to work, a balance of $100,000 should be the least deposit to make in their accounts. Their subscription funds will exhaust any amount less than a six-figure. Although, this is due to their high-priced portfolios.

Their portfolios have been able to perform exceptionally in the bull market. However, the bear market has not been good for the stock traders of their portfolios. The Motley Fool only has good market analysis in matters of market growth.

The Motley Fool also has high deductions, which may affect your returns. Before subscribing, you should consider your deductions and estimated returns. They deduct a service fee of 3% yearly on your returns, proving your efforts hard.

Compared to mutual funds, these subscriptions are very high. Investing in real stocks can also serve as an alternative. The returns should be a priority since every investment is keen on profits. It is also important to note that Motley change its portfolio upon underperformance.

The Positive Outlook of the Newsletters

Financial Education and Support

They have been able to equip their customers with ways to analyze the stocks effectively. They also teach about financial matters and steps to achieve financial freedom.

Investment Ideas

They have sound investment ideas that can work for their customers. Therefore, this can help realize profits for many investors.

Long Term Agreements

Their portfolios offer long-term investments. These are very crucial to reduce taxation and trading costs.


They have several securities which offer backup if one fails to meet desired goals.

Directing of Newcomers

Newcomers are guided to ensure that they start on the right foot. As a result, it becomes easier for them to expand their portfolios.

Community platforms offer questions and answers. The assistance goes a long way to clarify information.

The Motley Fools Negative Review

They make two investments monthly regardless of the market conditions. These investments might end up in losses in the long term.

Their average market stock analysis can be 55% to 65% correct. The Motley fool analysis faces competition from other stock analysts.

The motley fool does not recommend you the best price to buy your stocks during investment. Instead, they only advise you on investments.

According to subscribers, they are fond of the Motley fool stock advisor. Through fun trading techniques, their subscribers have grown very attached to the company. They also educate subscribers with financial philosophies and tips. The motley fools newsletter is suitable for first-timers in the stock trading business.