How To Start A Consulting Business In Dallas

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A consulting business provides clients with professional services in the form of expert guidance and support. Businesses and organisations often turn to consulting businesses as a way to find solutions for their problems.

If a business finds that they haven’t been reaching their sales targets over the past few months, they may turn to a consulting business to improve their sales figures. Similarly, consulting businesses can offer support and guidance for operational issues, management problems, IT, HR, and more.

Dallas, one of the most populous areas within the state of Texas, is a perfect location for up and coming consulting businesses. You don’t need to get any special business license to operate your consulting business within the city. You also won’t have to deal with permit requirements. As a thriving commercial hub, Dallas is home to thousands of businesses that can serve as perfect clients for new consulting businesses.

Here is everything you should know if you want to start a consulting business in Dallas, Texas:

1. Choose a Legal Entity

Your legal business entity plays an important role when it comes to your personal liability, as well as tax requirements. Many consultants work as self-employed individuals, so you may be considering running your business as a sole proprietor.

For consulting businesses however, this can be a risky move. As a professional services provider, you’re already open to certain risks. A mistake on your part could lead to your client suing you. If this happens, both you and your business gets sued. This happens as if you operate as a sole proprietor, then both you and your business are the same legal entity.

An LLC or a corporation on the other hand, gives you a level of protection when it comes to personal liability. If you take all these factors into account when choosing your legal entity, then you can find the perfect structure for your consulting business.

2. Legal Permits and Licenses

You don’t need to get special licenses or permits if you want to start a consulting business in Texas. However, there may be certain local zoning laws that you need to take into account. You can look through your local zoning laws to see if you need a compliance certificate to operate out of the location you have chosen.

3. Tax Requirements

You will need to get your EIN number before you can start your consulting business in Texas. This can be availed from the official IRS website. Also known as your federal tax ID number, this helps you meet federal tax requirements. For taxes that need to be paid to the state, they are paid through the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Consider remembering that even sole proprietors in Dallas need to attach a Schedule C document when they file their taxes. If your consulting business is an S Corp or even an LLC, you will need to file separate tax forms.

4. Sort Out Your Finances

Before you officially launch your consulting business, you need to be sure that you have the funds to operate your business over the long term. If you don’t have enough funds to operate, then you may find yourself needing to close down your business within a few years of starting.

The state of Texas offers great incentives for budding entrepreneurs who can add value and drive business in the city. You can also consider business loans, angel investors, and other stakeholders to finance your consulting business.

5. Getting New Clients

Securing clients is easier for consulting businesses that already have a pre-established network that can give them referrals. To this end, you should have a great reputation and be known for your expertise in your industry, before you start your business. Working with another consulting business, or finding ways to set your services apart, can help you get new clients as well.

Social medial marketing will play a huge role in helping you generate leads for your business. One way you can inspire enthusiasm for your consulting business is by making content that offers valuable advice. These can be in the form of videos, podcasts, blogs, and more. If people find that they gain value from your content and that it helps them in their business, then they can become future clients.


Dallas is a city that welcomes entrepreneurs looking to start new businesses. As a state that’s thriving full of businesses and industries, consulting businesses can find it relatively easy to secure new clients here. Follow these steps to start your own consulting business in Dallas today.

After you’ve started your consulting business, you can also consider finding ways to protect it. Business insurance helps you protect your business by providing financial support any time you encounter covered business risks. If you want to learn more about how business insurance can help you protect your business, then visit the Bizinsure website, click here.