How to Save For a New Car

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If you want to buy a new car but don’t have enough cash to do so, you can save by selling your old car. By selling your old car, you can save on transportation expenses and invest the money. Then, you can use the cash that you’ll save on transportation expenses to purchase your new car.

Buying a car with cash is cheaper than acquiring a car with financing

When buying a car with cash, you avoid paying finance fees and interest. You can also get a better discount, as many dealerships prefer having all of the money up front. As a result, they’ll be more willing to accept a lower price for your car. Another benefit to paying cash is that you won’t have to worry about making a monthly payment to the bank. Furthermore, paying cash doesn’t affect your credit history. Your income will not show up on your credit report, so your income is not a factor.

Putting down 10% down for used cars

When saving for a new car, it’s important to save for a down payment. For used cars, that down payment can be as low as 10%. However, if you can afford to put down a larger amount, you should do so. Putting down a larger amount means you’ll have more cash available to spend on other aspects of the car.

Calculating expenses

Calculating expenses for a new car can help you make sure you can afford the car you want. There are several factors to consider, including the down payment, monthly payments, loan term, and credit score. You should also factor in additional expenses, such as insurance premiums, and find a way to save money by refinancing your loan.

Tax refunds

Tax refunds can be a great way to buy a new car. The average refund is over $3000, which would cover an average new-car payment of about five months. This money can also help pay off a high-interest auto loan, if you have one. However, it’s crucial to plan your use of your tax refund ahead of time.


One of the best ways to save for a new car is to take advantage of bonuses. Bonuses are often advertised in car advertisements, and can help to lower the price of a new vehicle. By saving for a new car in this manner, you can increase your down payment and lower your monthly payments.

Side hustles

If you’ve always wanted a new car, but don’t have the budget, consider side hustles to save for one. Ride-sharing apps are becoming more popular, and you can use your car to earn money by sharing rides with other users. You don’t need any special liability insurance to earn money with ride-sharing apps. There are also opportunities to make money driving seniors and elderly people around town, such as ElderCare.

Automatic transfers

Automatic transfers can be a great way to save money for a new car. You can set them up to transfer funds to your savings account every month. You can also set up recurring deposits so that your savings grow. Putting this process on autopilot can ensure your new car savings fund grows over time.