About Click Star

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Nathan Gould, Click Star Inc Founder

Started in 2015, Click Star Inc is a project by Nathan Gould, a Financial Advisor from Coventry, UK.

What began as a small blog has quickly grown to a fully-fledged site providing visitors with free, professional financial advice. Although Nathan continues to contribute with his own articles, nowadays, you’re more likely to find him in the role of editor, continuously adding new content to cover the ever-changing, financial landscape.

Today, the company consists of several independent financial advisors and experienced business people. Each has their own interests and business goals with Click Star Inc being a platform to share their ideas, advice and experiences.

I firmly believe success is in all of us. Far too many times I have met people with ambition, drive and great ideas but fall at the first hurdle because of a lack of self confidence and knowing the options available to them.

How it all started

Even from an early age, I’ve always been interested in finance and business. My father was a self-employed plumber by trade and I can still remember him going through his  (meticulously maintained) books for his taxes.

I attended college for my A-Levels with ambitions of studying journalism in University, but during the summer months I was lucky enough to be offered some part-time work at an accountancy company in my local town. It was there that I was inspired to forget about being a journalist and consider accountancy instead.

I completed my BSc in Accountancy from Birmingham City University in 1996 and have since worked for a number accountancy and finance companies throughout the Midlands eventually becoming an Independent Finance Advisor.

When I first set up Click Star Inc, I wanted a place I could share my thoughts and provide financial advice to the public. Working as a Finance Advisor, you get to know people, their concerns and the the questions they want answering. I think this is the reason the website has done so well.

In recent years, as the website has grown, I’ve taken on help from lpeople who share my enthusiasm for finance to help me. It has enabled me to continue imparting expert, free financial advice but to also provide professional services to those who require it.


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